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Dim It feat. Bones-MIYAVI
Dim It feat. Bones  ♪  MIYAVI
作詞 : MIYAVI・Lenny Skolnik・Rosie Bones(Bones Band)
作曲 : MIYAVI・Lenny Skolnik・Rosie Bones(Bones Band)

Stripping off the costume
Washing off the paint
Screaming like an animal
Crying like a saint

Dirty little creatures
Down in the dark
Shaking like a xxxxx
Swimming like a shark

Let me listen to the bang
Clanging of your heart heart
Let me smell your skin
Let me taste your parts

Dim it, dim it, down
Dim it, dim it, down, down down

This is how we do it when we do it in the dark
This is how we do it in the dark

Lights out

アルバム「Fire Bird」収録曲
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