Stained me - OLDCODEXの歌詞


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Stained me  ♪  OLDCODEX
作詞 : YORKE.
作曲 : Gz

in my room alone before the dark
2weeks ago last Saturday

touching the night
in starry light

I've been waiting for this moment of
for such a long time
闇を晴らせよ by his hand strokes
扉を開けたんだ "welcome" to me

pain 切り裂く様に描け
in to be silence, silent 取り戻すんだ trouble maker
追い求めてた動きの痕跡 spitting fire
突き抜けてく限界の sound

bow down
another busy day let you waste down
get flashed out

you want, more
you want, more
you won't never forget this sight
yea you won't never forget this sight & day

maybe he was feeling same as me
when drawing the blackbird
憂いの中の by his hand strokes
扉を開けたんだ "welcome" to me

明日のページは better morning
君が授かる wings to fly
夢にまで見た we'll be alright
tonight the color stained me too

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