I Just Want You 堂本光一 歌詞


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I Just Want You  ♪  堂本光一
作詞 : Komei Kobayashi
作曲 : Won Young-heon・Cho Sung-hwan・Noh Young-won

Do Pa Do Do Pi Da Di Da...
I just want you

空になった Champagne glass
僕らの Good excuse
Oh baby, Time for love Woo
よく似合った Brand new dress
この手で Take it off
Oh I can wait no more Woo...

Woo... Yeah... Woo... Oh...

I just want you 君と溺れよう
指先 絡めたら I won't let you go
I just want you 駆け引きなんてもう
Let it go Let me make you mine Yeah

始めようよ Secret night
漂う Your perfume
Oh baby, Stay with me Woo
強気だった Game of love
気づけば It's your pace
Oh Wanna be with you Woo...

Woo... Yeah... Woo... Oh...

I just want you 全て忘れよう
唇 重ねたら Take it nice & slow
I just want you 建前なんてもう
Forget that Let me take you home Yeah

I just want you 罪を重ねよう
その肩 引き寄せて Rock you all night long
I just want you プライドなんてもう
I don't care Let me love you now Yeah

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