Get Ready (ex. Show Me Your Height) UNCHAIN 歌詞


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Get Ready (ex. Show Me Your Height)  ♪  UNCHAIN
作詞 : 谷川正憲・Jeff Galland
作曲 : 谷川正憲

People, looking down upon the others
People, should be respecting one another
People, are always shining bright and free, they are my light

Joyful, open your eyes and find a new day
Painful, forget the ones who like to spread hate
Mindful, been thinking of your body tonight, light up my life

We must keep on watering the flowers
So as not to dry the possibilities
We must keep on fighting for the power
Hope is what we need to keep the fire burning

Time of my life, may never come again
So I need you right here next to me
Until the end of my life, I can not see the past
Right or wrong I keep on movin on, till I kiss
The rays of a rising sun

Get ready, over your head, there is no limit,
lay a kiss upon your face

You're not alone girl
You're just a dreamer
You did it alone girl
You showed me the way, yeah, yeah

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