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Tonight's The Night  ♪  UNCHAIN
作詞 : 谷川正憲・Andrew Miller
作曲 : 谷川正憲

Mystery lady, I've never seen you before,
Once in a lifetime, fate is knocking on my door.

I'm nobody man, but still you loved me up,
You're so graceful baby, and you turned me on.
So please don't leave me now, let's keep it like before.
I know this is what love is for...

Oh, lead me, please me,
And take me higher baby,
Heal me, feel me,
My temperature is rising,
Steamy, breathing,
The scent of love is blinding.
Smashing, crashing.
Tonight's the night!
Baby I want you.

Just as I'm leaving, I've only got eyes for you.
And it's getting, smoother between us.

Oh how you're grooving baby, Turn right back around.
So I can love you more, I should've loved you more.
I just wanna make you feel, just like you want me to.
But you sweep me up, just like this.

Baby, why don't you let me in, Baby I need you to love me more.
Baby, why don't you let me in, Baby give me what you got, alright.
Tonight's the night.

I want you to say you love me again,
Where is the love? Where did it go?
Where is your love? Where did it go?
Where is our love? Where did it go?

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