My Bicycle UNCHAIN 歌詞


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My Bicycle  ♪  UNCHAIN
作詞 : 谷川正憲・Sadaharu Yagi
作曲 : 谷川正憲

Here comes my baby.
She is out of your league, my friend
She's got a cute figure with hot milky skin
Whenever I'm riding her seductive body,
I dig the way she moves so sensually.

I love her compatibility.
Her perfect fit makes me feel so good
She loves my come-hither motion
I am addicted, to my bicycle

Whoever steals my love deserves to be punished
I'll sentence him to 10 years in prison
I will never make you cry.
I promise you my baby
Cos I dig the way you shake me so intensely

So lonely...I know the nights are gone,
Remembering those times that were so good
So sorry those good nights are gone,
Leaving me the key of my bicycle.

The only thing I want is "Ai No Touring"
Feeling so high on top of you
I am so good at playing
Keeping you under the rule of my love and you are in my control
No girls give me this kinda pain.
I cannot stand this loneliness.
I miss you

Taking a train since then, I am fast-forwarding the view used to be so good.
Breaking my heart in two,
It's time to come back home, my bicycle.

(Riding my bicycle)
I want you ride you again
Please once again
I want you ride you my baby

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