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Awesome City Club
Lesson  ♪  Awesome City Club
作詞 : マツザカタクミ
作曲 : atagi

"Tell me what's your truth about yesterday" and you cried
Can we start over like before?
I try to pretend like in old days my good old days
Maybe falling in love each time is time to contemplate my mind
No one told me what's love like, but you were the one

Time erased smile and words we shared
Can't rewind like tapes a silly time just next to you
To me, falling into nights is the only way I can deny,
Then my heart won't apart from you
Wanna close to you

But when eyes are turn to gray, it feels like a child's play
Nothing but a sorrow, under the starlight
When we try to stay but we were not there
I lost my feelings and we lost words to say

Maybe, night and day, thinking about you darling
Maybe, night and day, hoping you're not lonely
Maybe, night and day, thinking about this feeling
It's love. It stuck to mind

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