Baby I'm a Fool - 原田知世の歌詞


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Baby I'm a Fool-原田知世
Jword 原田知世
Baby I'm a Fool  ♪  原田知世
作詞 : Melody Gardot
作曲 : Melody Gardot

How was I to know that this was always
Only just a little game to you?
All the time I felt you gave your heart
I thought that I would do the same for you
Tell the truth, I think I should have
Seen it coming from a mile away
When the words you say are
Baby, I'm a fool who thinks
It's cool to fall in love

If I gave a thought to fascination
I would know it wasn't right to care
Logic doesn't seem to mind that
I am fascinated by your love affair
Still my heart would benefit from
A little tenderness from time to time but never mind
'Cause, baby, I'm a fool
Who thinks it's cool to fall in love

Baby, I should hold on just a moment
And be sure it's not for vanity
Look me in the eye and tell me
Love is never based upon insanity
Even when my heart is beating
Hurry up the moment's fleeting
Kiss me now, don't ask me how
'Cause, baby, I'm a fool
Who thinks it's cool to fall
Baby, I'm a fool
Who thinks it's cool to fall
And I would never tell if you became a fool
And fell in love

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