If You Went Away 原田知世 歌詞


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If You Went Away  ♪  原田知世
作詞 : Marcos Valle・Paulo Sergio Valle・Ray Gilbert
作曲 : Marcos Valle・Paulo Sergio Valle

Oh, if I could just make your heart understand
The way I feel when you're holding my hand
My world is safe and it's worth living for
Even more, with you

I've learned to treasure each moment of time
You've even taught me how high love can climb
The very thought of your kiss and I soar
Even more

My heart is bursting to say even more
You are my smiling sky
You are my sun and my rain
My blossom in snow...and so...

Can you imagine if you went away?
If I should lose you for one precious day
I'll be so sad and I would say that
I cry to the day that you came back to me
My love...

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