happiness,happiness,happiness - the telephonesの歌詞


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the telephones
happiness,happiness,happiness  ♪  the telephones
作詞 : Akira Ishige
作曲 : Akira Ishige

hello everybody!!!
we are the telephones!
Let's dance and get crazy

the member is all Japanese
this is our music style
everybody put your hands up

everybody clap your hands!!!

I can't control your body
it feel longest time you know
You can't control my body
it feel longest time I know

this is party time dead or alive
(don't stop a move)
singin', singin' honey
and dance and move your feet
(don't stop a move)
shake your coconuts
and feeling so high
(don't stop a move)
alright? everybody?
(are you ready?)
"don't stop a move!!!"

everybody clap your hands!!!
this sound is released from far east
everybody clap your hands!!!

clap your hands!!!

clap your hands!!!

clap your hands!!!

アルバム「BEST HIT the telephones」収録曲
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