I MET A BEAR 百合城銀子(荒川美穂)、百合ヶ咲るる(生田善子)、椿輝紅羽(山根希美) 歌詞


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I MET A BEAR  ♪  百合城銀子(荒川美穂)、百合ヶ咲るる(生田善子)、椿輝紅羽(山根希美)
作詞 : アメリカ民謡
作曲 : アメリカ民謡

The other day, I met a bear,
Up in the woods, A way up there.

He looked at me, I looked at him,
He sized up me, I sized up him.

He said to me, Why don't you run?
I see you don't, Have any gun.

And so I ran, Away from there,
And right behind, Me was that bear.

Ahead of me, I saw a tree,
A great big tree, Oh, golly gee.

The lowest branch, Was ten feet up,
I had to jump, And trust my luck.

And so I jumped, Into the air,
But I missed that branch, On the way up there.

Now don't you fret, And don't you frown,
I caught that branch, On the way back down.

That's all there is, there ain't no more,
Until I meet that bear once more.

J'ai faim
J'ai faim
Ca sent bon
Bon Appetit

百合城銀子(荒川美穂)、百合ヶ咲るる(生田善子)、椿輝紅羽(山根希美)の新着歌詞 この歌手の歌詞一覧
百合城銀子(荒川美穂)、百合ヶ咲るる(生田善子)、椿輝紅羽(山根希美)「I MET A BEAR」の歌詞をホームページやブログ等でリンクする場合、
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