A Man On The Moon - ストレイテナーの歌詞


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A Man On The Moon  ♪  ストレイテナー
作詞 : Atsushi Horie
作曲 : Atsushi Horie

A man on the moon
One night,
he met a bunny girl
She was so beautiful

All night long,
they talked and danced
and then came love
The dawn sang along

The purest smile I've ever seen
You fill me up with tenderness
The purest voice I've ever heard
I'll be here to share your sadness
Let me stay close to your heart

Round and round go around the clock
Look to the sky so full of stars
and all the streets so full of music
Finally found someone who could make me be true
It had to be you
Thankful for this sad and beautiful world

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