JL005便で 椎名林檎 歌詞


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JL005便で  ♪  椎名林檎
作詞 : 椎名林檎
作曲 : 椎名林檎

What are you afraid of
You say that you feel so
feel so alive
That's a good thing, no?
What are you afraid of
They've gotten so real
Those things that you feel
But progress is good, no?

What is it you're doubting
You know I just found you
Here suddenly
That's a good thing, no?
What is it you're doubting
You're asking me if you
can love me more
But onward we move up

Don't think I don't know that time had come to rest
All of last night, the world was just us
Block by block the rain had let up,
the city stopped and seemed to die
And so right then it was like we'd done the same
feeling like ghosts, like death had no end
drifting slow we can't go back now it felt so good
But we were young too young

I've got to find somewhere
No pocket of air can
Hide you away
They never did exist
Wherever I fly to
I know that the perfect
Nest is a lie
However we move up

Don't think I don't know no weather could upset
All of last night, this world was a nest
None of us were starving but we
Just turned our hearts to you and I
Oh why then there could we not have stopped to think
something gained is another thing lost
stopped our hearts and stopped our lives from all drifting off
'cause we were young too young

It's why I mutter my mind
I don't know how to hide you
And you do it all the time
Why won't time stand still

I know I know it when you feel that your life
Fires too fast the sounds are too bright
colors loud it's like a sign that it's dangerous but we were young
I think you should know I'm floating all alone
drifting, wondering when you'll come back home
but oh we just can't come apart 'cause when we met
then we were young too young

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