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Comic Relief  ♪  Hello Sleepwalkers
作詞 : シュンタロウ
作曲 : シュンタロウ

"That's the matter, Mr. D. The masterpiece in the mystery has burned in a blaze with no trace at the place.
You know, absence of evidence will only prove his innocence.
So shall we make a fake to trick them like she stuck the painter in the right chest?"

Let's give them a loud ovation
A play of the century is about to start
Please keep paying attention to everything
Now, the curtain goes up

歪め整合性 虚構の事実
交錯平行線 夜明けの烏
歪め正当性 偽造の機密
交錯運命線 鮮やかな死
それは完成形であって また哲学体系である
それは感情論であって また揶揄的反論である

"Stop acting like a victim.
I'm sure it's not a big deal. Look at it this way.
There's nothing weird about a judgment I'll make.
Every achievement calls for sacrifice.
Fools miss their chance to cast the dice.
Just do as I say or I'll have to make a move like she stuck the painter in the right chest."

I'll show you a revolution that no one has ever seen before
The ultimate dramatic tension and catastrophe will uncover the truth
滑稽な顔して 主役を気取ってよ ほら
悲しいドラマほど 可笑しくて笑えるから

いたいけなマリオネット 舞台の上で歌った
「あの夜は静かだった 胸の鼓動を隠すには」
まがい物の装飾を 体中に巻き付け言った
「おいでよ 傷を開いて」誰を救ったつもりだろう

そのステージに たった一人

I will defy your expectations at the very end of this threadbare plot
It's not just another fiction
The sound of a bell is ringing right there
滑稽な顔して 主役を気取ってよ ほら
悲しいドラマほど 可笑しくて笑えるから

アルバム「Masked Monkey Awakening」収録曲
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