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In Summer  ♪  Josh Gad
作詞 : Kristen Anderson-Lopez・Robert Lopez
作曲 : Kristen Anderson-Lopez・Robert Lopez

Really? I'm guessing you don't have
much experience with heat.

Nope! But sometimes I like to close my eyes and
imagine what it'll be like when summer does come.

Bees'll buzz
Kids'll blow dandelion fuzz
And I'll be doing whatever snow does
In summer

A drink in my hand
My snow up against the burning sand
Prob'ly getting gorgeously tanned
In summer

I'll finally see a summer breeze
Blow away a winter storm
And find out what happens to solid water
When it gets warm

And I can't wait to see
What my buddies all think of me!
Just imagine how much cooler I'll be
In summer!

Da da... Da doo
A bah bah ba baba boo

The hot and the cold are both so intense
Put 'em together, it just makes sense!

Rat dadat dadat dadat dadadadadoo

Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle
But put me in summer and I'll be a -
Happy snowman!

When life gets rough I like to hold on to my dream
Of relaxing in the summer sun just lettin' off steam!

Oh the sky will be blue
And you guys'll be there too
When I finally do what frozen things do
In summer!

I'm gonna tell him.

Don't you dare!

In summer!!!

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