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Set It On Fire-MIYAVI
Set It On Fire  ♪  MIYAVI
作詞 : MIYAVI・Jeff Blue
作曲 : MIYAVI・Jeff Blue

You've got a fuse, I've got a lighter
Picture the sky the flame goin' higher
Raise up your hands, fuel the desire
Yes, it's the time to set it on fire

We are one song
Ringing for centuries long
We are one heart
Our souls are beating strong

And you know
We won't fade away
Burning through the darkest day
Blow the clouds away
And set it on fire
We won't bend or break
Never make the same mistakes
Yeah we here to stay
Set it on fire

They've got a gun but we've got an army
Back to the future where it's starting
Raise up our hands, oceans are divided

The moment is now, you are all invited

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