Hot Hot Summer the telephones 歌詞


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the telephones
Hot Hot Summer  ♪  the telephones
作詞 : Akira Ishige
作曲 : Akira Ishige

nobody in the bar
nobody on the road
I wander aimlessly
There was a time I got it wrong

oh yeah

we fight all the time
I want to vomit now
"see you in a while"
How many times do I have to tell you?

it's not my day
but summer is coming soon
it's all up to you
the turning of the seasons


one by one
start something new
little by little
gonna be happy
day by day
"god only knows"
maybe it was to learn how to pray

nobody in my room
flowers in full bloom
everybody wanna going out
summer is coming!
I I I can't wait

it's not my day
but summer is coming soon
it's all up to you
the turning of the seasons


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