Never End 〜Ending〜 U-KISS 歌詞


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Never End 〜Ending〜  ♪  U-KISS
作詞 : U-KISS
作曲 : Ryudai Abe

My Life...
A never ending story
From dusk to dawn a repetitive cycle
That has not yet begun

We rise again
I see the light
We've come this far
Keep holding on
We've touched the sky
No looking down
Where does it end
Where does it begin

So take my hand
To start a revolution
From the aftermath
Of this never ending path
That we call wrath

oh oh oh

And I want in

Flying above the clouds

And are we gonna change? NO
You think this is a game? GO
You think it's just a stage? SHOW
Them that it is the time to let the world KNOW

I predicted it just right
You know this shit is tight
Every time I'm on the mic

We want to go

You predicted it just right
You know this shit is tight
Every time I'm on the mic

You see me on the stage
Look around the crowed is hyped
This shit is regular man
This what my lifes like

Like I said
A never ending story
And it hasn't even begun
So remember to take my hand
And together we'll walk this path
That never ends

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