1-2-5 THE BAWDIES 歌詞


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1-2-5  ♪  THE BAWDIES
作詞 : Bob Burgess・Peter Jurgen
作曲 : Bob Burgess・Peter Jurgen

Walking down the street, on a foggy night
Saw a young girl standing under a light
Her face was pale and her skirt was tight
Had a five dollar bill, I felt alright

If I had my car, I would go for a drive
I had no car but I had my five
Walked over to her, said what's your name
My names Mary Jane, I live down the lane

I looked down the lane, at the end I could see
A room full of clowns looking back at me
A line of executives formed to the right
And if I'd stayed, I would have stood all night

She opened up the door, and said go on in
I walked in first, pulled down the shades
She said take it easy, don't be afraid
You got nothing to lose, you're at a penny arcade

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