The outsiders (feat. 童子-T) シシド・カフカ 歌詞


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The outsiders (feat. 童子-T)  ♪  シシド・カフカ
作詞 : シシド・カフカ・童子-T
作曲 : 大島賢治

Do you remember it was raining hard my heart's beating hard
When a new day was born
Don't you remember it's so easy, it's so crazy to stand up
and walk away, oh oh

I got that kinda feeling you set me free
I might have lived my life in a dream

We're the outsiders
Listen to our souls and find our future
You don't get lost, do you?

Bring me back to the day yeah
If you don't know where you go
Just don't ask, do you? do you? do you? oh oh

Make it alright

Do you remember there's nothing left but something in my heart
When we left our town
Oh I remember it was bright morning, I saw a bit of hope jumping out of
my life yeah yeah

I got that kinda feeling you reach the sky
I just believe that we find our groove

I remember もちろん忘れない 土砂降りの中でも明日へダイブ
魂込める1バース サバイバル 誓った仲間俺ら outsiders
stay gold つかむ成功 栄光への道へ take off
未だ変わらずデイドリームライマー 童子 カフカ outsiders

We're the outsiders
walking down the street and getting what we want

Just don't ask, do you?

Take me to the heaven
No matter what they say
Just don't ask, do you? do you? do you? oh oh

Make it alright

アルバム「カフカナイズ デラックス・エディション 」収録曲
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