Get You Back SCREW 歌詞


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Get You Back  ♪  SCREW
作詞 : 鋲・Faya
作曲 : SCREW

You Said I'm Insane Never Stop Denying Holy Shit
I Know I'm A Piece Of Shit So Maggots Are Everywhere On Me

Someone Try To Kill Me Right Now
Let Me Show You Who Will Be Survive

Get You Back
Thank You For The Chronic Pain Now
Thank You For The Severe Pain Now
I Swear I Will I Swear I Will
Get Close Behind You With A Smile Damn!

You Said I'm Broken Never Stop Despise Holy Shit
I Know I'm A Piece Of Trash So Roaches Are Everywhere On Me

Dont Ever Make A Fun Of Me
You Have To Pay The Price Now
Make Your Life Like A Hell Soon
Looking Forward To Seeing You
I Have A Present For You
I Bet You Really Love It
You Never Can Forget It
Hey Come On! Are You Ready?

Someday, Some Nights I'll Kill Your Soul
Let Me Show You Who Will Be The One

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