Predestined Lovers Nothing's Carved In Stone 歌詞


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Predestined Lovers  ♪  Nothing's Carved In Stone
作詞 : Nothing's Carved In Stone
作曲 : Nothing's Carved In Stone

A silly race
It might seem like one
Too close to see
It's affecting sleep

Crave for each other
So close together
Impossible marriage
Just like ice and coal that try to mesh

Cry for the moon
Impose my ideals
I really know
That I won't be

Heavily armed up
With pre-made answers
So what are you scared of
Just look we're all lined up close to you

Step Dance
Looking gorgeous but frantic to send a message
Step Dance
Me and you
Don't wanna
Step Down
I'm not ready to exit out of the spotlight
Step Down
I wonder

The predestined lovers
Please let me change
Remember those days
The predestined lovers
No I can't leave
I recall that scent

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