Cry Like This - MIYAVIの歌詞


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Cry Like This-MIYAVI
Cry Like This  ♪  MIYAVI
作詞 : MIYAVI・Dan Priddy
作曲 : MIYAVI・Dan Priddy

In the blazing daylight
The sun burning down on me
Feeling like we're slaves
Again again again

We see the daily struggle
To fight for equality
The same scene for acres
Again and again and again

No time to pretend
For women and the men
Here's where the story ends...

Although this World's full of sorrow
We're smiling through the pain
We won't let it let it get us down
We just brush it off and start again

So cry like this

The devil hangs around
Where he's not wanted
He's only what you made
Again Again Again

No matter what life throws
Pleasure to misery
Turn the night to day
Again again again

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