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JAM Project
Vanguard(English)  ♪  JAM Project
作詞 : 影山ヒロノブ・BARAKI
作曲 : 影山ヒロノブ

Vanguard, well it's not a lie
This legend will be starting now
To the future, just lead us all the way

We can't hold back this feeling just any longer
Come on, tear off everything you've got
Get crazy way

There' no stopping There's no running
I can hear his voice calling for me somewhere
I'll cross the bridge, A head-on battle now
Here we go! Hurry up! Nobody's gonna ever interfere
3・2・1 Let's Go!

Vanguard, An image comes rising from deep within our souls, yeah!
Awaken it right now with a miracle

Vanguard, Now we all become that burning red hot blazing flame
To the future, we'll keep on racing through
Final Turn!!

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