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JAM Project
Believe in my existence(English)  ♪  JAM Project
作詞 : 影山ヒロノブ・BARAKI
作曲 : 影山ヒロノブ・きただにひろし

No matter how far apart we may be
Our dreams never cease eternally

I raise my fingertip To feel the arid wind,
Swallowing a sigh It was hurting deep inside

There's a pain that I can't heal worrisome uncertainty
I can't go anywhere from where I'm standing now

I shall find all my dreams that I lost on the way
Right at the borderline between the light and dark
Come let go now of yourself to that shiny place
Be brave once again

We will never forget the days we spent in tears
Just kept counting the long nights (long nights) that never end

No matter how far our future may seem
We are strong enough, yeah (Stand up so) We'll never lose

Right now, leading the way through our own times
We are the true vanguards

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