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JAM Project
LIMIT BREAK(English)  ♪  JAM Project
作詞 : 影山ヒロノブ・きただにひろし・BARAKI
作曲 : 影山ヒロノブ

I'm looking for the future to come
We shall draw it together
We'll go the distance We'll share our hearts all the way
Ride on Dream
(Take on us under the sunshine limit break we are vanguard)

No matter how strong we all may become
We shall never get satisfied
We are the vanguards
(Wanna be final vanguards)

Rivals just get in our way
Everyone wants to be the strongest
Top of the world!
A true champion

We can get there someday
They will come true somehow
Cause we all know tomorrow is on our way
(It) doesn't matter what your life brings as long as you never give in
Just believe in your power
(Keep our way LIMIT BREAK!)

Go take the sky way
Right through our own dreams
Push your way to the world, It's awakening
As we take our steps for the great evolution

Face our worries all together. It's alright if we stumble our way
To the limit we go, Break out

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