maiden voyage - コトリンゴの歌詞


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maiden voyage  ♪  コトリンゴ
作詞 : kotringo
作曲 : kotringo

You and me is getting closer and closer
Made my mind to sail away
Weigh anchor and now farewell

風はすこしある 船出は近づく
You are not here You were gone

Though the splash
Catch the wave
Listen up to what the seagull says
But follow my heart
思い残すこと なにもないよ
My aim is you My aim is you

The shore's back away
Farther and farther
何も持たずに 君のいた日々を想う
The eden was there
When we were smiling

With all sail set
And catch the wind
It is fairy prosperous
The ship is making her maiden voyage
I'll devote all my effort to you

Drink up the raindrops
Smile at the golden sun
He kisses me farewell

I thought
You and me was getting closer and closer
With using these technology
But I couldn't touch your heart
Was losing your voice

それは みせかけのきずな

You and me is getting closer and closer
船は とおくへ
よろこびを 送ろう
この航海 すべてささげよう
It's all for you My aim is you

この瞳も この心も いつもそばに
肩になって 指になって
Cuddle up to someone in their deep grief
I'll be your lips
And sing your favorite songs
I'll always be with you
It's all for you My aim is you

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