SMASH IT UP 難波章浩 歌詞


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SMASH IT UP  ♪  難波章浩
作詞 : AKIHIRO NAMBA・Toshiya Ohno

See your governor
He is a dumb
What makes him special?
I don't give a damn
He's just useless
Ain't no fun
He makes the world go mad

People on TV
They're all dumb
Stupid TV shows
They're all boring
Talk is cheap
Their music sucks
I don't feel like dancing

Do I know what I want?
All my life I'm a dream believer
Do you know what you want?
All the rules they make
We gotta smash it up!!

Look at your leader
Is he cool?
Does anyone get his jokes?
Why do you smile?
Dancing is banned
In the city they rule
You gotta fight for your right

Burning my anger
Burning my dreams
So I really gotta burn their lies
Yo, justice and just cause
Without no good reason
Stand up for your right

Can't stop this burning
Burning my anger
You say "Take it easy"
I don't think so
Can't stop this burning
Burning my anger
How much longer can you stand this rule they put over you?

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