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Mr. Miyagi  ♪  Zeebra
作詞 : Zeebra
作曲 : Zeebra

Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi
Wax on, wax off on ur army

I flow bigger than my country
Cuz style rules everything around me
I don't even need myself a passport
Give me a mic so I can come blast y'all
I'm on a whole new level
正にネ申 最上級レベル
最新 最速 Cook & deliver
Got a headz screamin' "Yo, Z, that's a killa!"
Heavy hitter Hit 'em too hard
No scratch on my bulletproof bars
I'm a samurai holdin' 斬鉄剣
Too talented Damn, I'm blessed, man!
Maybe I'm chosen
Not posing Better stop hoping
I'm a blizzard Leave bodies in frozen
Got a black belt hang in my closet

Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi
Wax on, wax off on ur army

It's been years and years
I'm still fresh when I appear
Do I make myself clear
My people loudest when I make 'em say yeah
My posse hold tight, hold tight
I'm rockin' all night. all night
Rock hard Rockin' all pretties
Rockin' booties and titties in the Tokyo city
JP, baby Thats where we make it
Crazy, shady Nah, U can't take it
Playa, U don't wanna get robbed
Take time, fake thug Let a king do the job
Never seen nobody like me
I mean nobody like me
Born different like a mutation
Jonan street raised New Asian

Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi
Wax on, wax off on ur army

Yeah, I go on and on
Can't understand why I last so long
Like I'm Too $hort I fucks with true folks
Oakland, LA, Tokyo and New York
(Let's go) I don't care if u ready
Yes, I'm cocky But I rock steady
See me at temple See me at shrine
I got 6 million ways of style with hot line
Wanna test me? Better stop it
Hey, I catch ur ass with a chop sticks
I'm the master Y'all's r beginner
Shut ur ass up follow me like a twitter
Better RT on ur TL
Tell ur follower Tell 'em the detail
Who's back and how hard the track is
Already classic

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