Our Children's Rain Song 新居昭乃 歌詞


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Our Children's Rain Song  ♪  新居昭乃
作詞 : Chris Mosdell
作曲 : 新居昭乃

Let's teach our children to sing
So sing my little darlings
A lesson's here
For ten thousand years

A nation's names are with us
We'll not forget, in stone they're set
But still we breathe in
This poisoned wind
Casting shadows
Upon our skin

What's invisible
They tell us, it doesn't exist!
Truth and honesty
Wondering--are they eclipsed?

Man-made rain is falling down upon our towns
Man-made rain is falling down

Now bitter seeds grow here in the fields
There's fire in the water for eternity
O children dear, O what a state your garden's in
Broken like a boat upon the sea

Skies, so beautiful
A darkness they disguise
But if there is hope it lies inside
Our children's eyes

Man-made rain is falling down upon our towns
Man-made rain is falling down...

O children here's your song!

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