Radiant Rainbow S.R.S 歌詞


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Radiant Rainbow  ♪  S.R.S
作詞 : 山口卓也
作曲 : 山口卓也

All people are hoping to get a love for people
Some people live for lovers and friend
Some people live for money

The sun is always shining
She makes us smile and to be fine
But that is why sometimes she is tired and she disappear behind a cloud
Nobody can blame this thing
I was caught in the rain and I look up at the sky

Oh I wish I could eat the cloud
that makes her feelings down
Let me see Radiant rainbow
is her shining smile

All people have some hope and some loneliness
Some hope will make bright tomorrow
When I think about this, I walk alone at night
There is a moon tonight over me
I would be caught in the rain again
But I want to see a something

Why do I forget to love you
Why do I forget to live for you
Oh remember I need you you need me all the time you know
Let me see Radiant rainbow

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