Star-Crossed いとうかなこ 歌詞


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Star-Crossed  ♪  いとうかなこ
作詞 : Lynn
作曲 : 綾部健三郎

With coming dark the birds take fight
The memories of you and I on the wing
The constellations outside my window
And I dream of our days so long ago

When spring was young and we were too
The cherry petals drifting through shining nights
Even Taurus skies through children's eyes
Couldn't compare to dreams to come

When the summer bloomed on in
With its breezes warm on bared skin
It seemed you'd never see things through my eyes
But I swore I'd always be right there by your side

When the stars fill the skies
Winter, spring, summer or fall
You know I'll find my way back to you

With the stars in your eyes
You look more beautiful each day
Growing up, not apart
You've got my heart
In hand
I breathe a sign
On a shooting star

And with summer here to stay
Now I love you more and more each day
With fireworks a rainbow in the night
I laugh to see you a glow in your delight

When the stars fill the skies
Winter, spring, summer, or fall
I swear I'll keep my heart safe for you

With the stars in your eyes
You still can't see all that I'd do
You're so near yet so far
I'll keep on trying
To tell you
Whisper your name
To a shooting star

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