Trick or Treat MAN WITH A MISSION 歌詞


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Trick or Treat  ♪  MAN WITH A MISSION
作詞 : Kamikaze Boy・Jean-Ken Johnny
作曲 : Kamikaze Boy

There is no need for ID
Come and see what you believe
This night's the party ladies
One and only holly night just feel this time
We have nothing else except our groovy life
Here comes your costumes and spooky stories

Everyone's drinking champagne
Get me some popping pumpkins
It's fine with eating but tonight's the only night
The great escape of life
Hey kids don't be shy
Come and say

Trick or Treat?

Let's dance, sing a song with lalalala
And you say wow wow wow sing a song yeah
Let's dance, sing a song with lalalala
Come and say wow wow wow, sing along yeah

Warm light is swinging in stoves
Put on the mask and the gloves
It may be spooky, but under the masks
All staff's are laughing
Don't be afraid
This is the party night and don't you care about
How much more tricks are just waiting for you

Pray for your precious family
Don't give me cautious memories
Call all your friends and let's get every treat
Knock on the door,
The Great Mask's Night
Hey guys let's go with us
Come and say

Trick or Treat?

All Hallow's Eve
Oh Halloween
All Saint's Eve
Oh Halloween

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