The Answer for Unequal World Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas 歌詞


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The Answer for Unequal World  ♪  Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
作詞 : Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
作曲 : Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Crashed heart and relation
What is it to have faith?

Missing parts and broken heart inside me
Did it go missing, or did it not exist in me to begin with?
How will I get it back?
Mediocre is what people say to me
What am I?
I feel like a totally defective and useless mankind

Every person aren't given equal rights
Injustice is what we are
We all act like hypocrites
Human being are all lifetime actors
Disguising our true self
Acting like a truthful man

Don't let them trick you
Do not get fooled
Seek for honesty

Pointing secretly at people's back
What we only do is to talk trash
Picking on others who's weaker than us
Are we satisfied to live like this?
How come men are so weak and timid?
Things in this world is untrue
There is nothing for us to believe

What is love, friendship, kindness, and humanity?
Do those words mean anything, or does it mean nothing?
Hear those words hypocritical media say?
Don't trust in bullshit, what you should trust is yourself

What you see is what is true
What you hear and feel is the only thing you should believe
Cast prejudice away from yourself
Hold clear thought and mind

See, hear, and feel everything in this world which you can
Carry open mind to see what's so called“truth”
Let no one hypnotize you and stain your mind with false facts
All you can have faith is only you

It is you, who could decide your fate
Do not let anybody push you around

Pure white canvas for you to draw what you want
It's all up to you whether to scribble the picture or to paint it
(The) choice is all yours

Don't let basters push you

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