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Precious line  ♪  LAST ALLIANCE
作曲 : 佐野森吾

I always had my head hanging down, staring at the floor, days just go by.
But when I looked back to them, traces of tears are completely dry.
Countless bright dots floating all around, each bittersweet, but I smile.

More scattered dots appear one by one till they combine into a bright ray that shines.
This is my precious line.

No matter how beautiful it may be, how ideal, how gracious
The moon in bright daylight, no one's gonna even notice.
Tiny spots beside a bright light.
Choosing one is to let go of another.

Chasing the light a foot away.
Opened doors to guide my way.
On the other side of the door more new lights will wait.

Oh, so clumsy, I'm not able to take hold.
Why the hell do I keep on screwing up.

If this was forced, I would quit, but "Straw turns to honey"
I'm chasing after my dream slow and steady.

Dots become a line that runs through past, present and myself.
Growing little by little, this is my precious line.

Meeting you has let me live.
You make me find the strength in me.

アルバム「for staying real BLUE.」収録曲
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