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Sports Men  ♪  Kimonos
作詞 : Haruomi Hosono・Duke Giles
作曲 : Haruomi Hosono・Duke Giles

I'm worrying everyday
I could be anorexic
I'll have to get into shape
Can't seem to find the right charge
Your mother she might be a swimmer
Your father must have been a vaulter

Don't put me in skates
Ping-pong I'm no great shakes
People say I'm weak
Can't even hold her tight
You are the star of the poolside
Your streamline curves I can't abide

I'll be a good sport
I'll be a sportsman

I'm not sleeping these days
Maybe insomniac
Quench my thirst Flesh and blood
I've got this craving for you
Your brother, they call him Batman
Your sister, we know she's Wonderwoman

I'm seeing Sundays
I could be apoplectic
The whole family gets in shape
Under the floodlight
People tell me I'm not strong
I can't seem to find the right charge

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