Red fraction MELL 歌詞


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Red fraction  ♪  MELL
作詞 : MELL
作曲 : Kazuya Takase

I have a big gun I took it from my Lord
Sick with Justice I just wanna feel you
I'm your angel Only a ring away
You make me violate you
No matter who you are

It's all up to you No one lives forever
Been burn in the hell By all those pigs out there
It's always been hell From when I was born
They make me violate them
No matter who they are

Get down on your knees
Get a good head on your shoulders
If it's for your guys Go to the end of the earth
Do what you think Give it with dedication
I'll put out your misery

Have no prayer So, I keep the gun with me
For my safety I'll do it with no sweat
They mean business No time for sissy pig
Queen of ocean
Sing "the Volga" to you

No need to think about it You do it or you die
Those aren't tears Don't let it trick on you
I am hard as steel Get out of my way
Pay back all at once
Suck away the tender part

You made a mess
For Christ sake, this rotten world
Shit out of luck Go with my vision
Light up the fire Right on the power
Weapon… I have it all

アニメ「BLACK LAGOON」オープニングテーマ
アルバム「Entrust 〜the name of MELL〜」収録曲
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