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Girls On Top  ♪  BoA
作詞 : Young jin Yoo・Young-Hu kim・Lola Fair
作曲 : Young jin Yoo

Everyone's telling me, I should be, somebody I don't wanna be

I feel you watching, my every move, the pressure's coming down on me
(I'm much more than the girl next door you see)
Don't you tell me what to do, gonna make m decisions on my own
(Are you ready)
'Cause I'm ready to move up

This is who I am so I just wanna be true to myself
(That's just the way like it, don't wanna be somebody else)
If you could understand, why it's never enough
(I'm gonna make it happen, who says there can't be girls on top)

A pretty face, sexy waist, pearls and lace, everybody wants to have a taste
Fake and superficial, it ain't what defines a perfect girl

Take the chance today, doesn't matter what they say about me anyway
(Get it up) I'll show you how
(Get it up) Let's do it now
It's the point of no return, there are lessons that you've got to learn
Imma give it to ya, take it up higher

Everyone's telling me, I should be, somebody I don't wanna be
I won't ever let them get me.
Shake it like the way I like it

Open up your mind we can make it work if we take the time
To realize we're all the same inside
You can't judge me by the way, that I look on the exterior, no I just can't take it anymore

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