I found it knotlamp 歌詞


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I found it  ♪  knotlamp
作詞 : KEIT
作曲 : KEIT

One day I saw it in my head
My war beginning to collide
Where could its origins be?
What's your aim?
I know it's not on our side
I want to break its fake cover
I'm trying to draw a conclusion
For the answer to myself

My friend is falling down again
I guess the reason is the same
Why does it act like this?
What's your purpose?
But we can never lose to it
I call it "Negative Man"
We'll find ourselves by making every possible mistake

I found it

I notice the shadow of it
It's the ghost of the freedom
Confusing the lies and truth before we know
Waiting for the time to fall
I wish you don't give it up
'Cause we all cannot turn our backs

Time is only one
There is still tomorrow
Don't be controlled by it
If we don't stop there, we won't make it through
This world is not just an idiot's parade

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