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Karaoke  ♪  LEO今井
作詞 : LEO今井
作曲 : LEO今井

You've got a message on the tip of your tongue
But you can't remember it - karaoke
You've got a problem, got a big bowl of wrong
But you can't correct it - karaoke
Got'em ideals to serve a wasted generation
But you can't live up to them - karaoke
Got a head so hard you cannot get no stimulation
Like a crown you wear your boredom
Follow all the letters, don't think too long
'Cos you might get stuck on it - karaoke
It's hollow in the middle with a coating of song
So you sing along to it - karaoke

渋谷 information, カラオケ noise vibration
Gotta find your diamond in the sand
アキバ animation, otaku and コスプレ nation
Gotta get that diamond in your hand

You've got a city of noise and too much choice
So you can't get over it - karaoke
It's like a cheap broken record without any voice
So can you sing along to it? - karaoke
And I know it's empty, all is empty now
The track's so loud but my voice is empty now

固ゆで vacation, 警察と corporation
Gotta find your diamond in the sand
孤独 isolation, 疾走して no destination
Gotta get that diamond in your hand

アルバム「Fix Neon」収録曲
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