Dear Mr. President RIZE 歌詞


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Dear Mr. President  ♪  RIZE
作詞 : JESSE
作曲 : RIZE

Dear Mr. President you make my future bright & happy,
So tell me what to do I'm waiting I'll do anything
Oh Mr. President given me work
Oh Mr. President makin' the rules
Oh Mr. I wanna be your too!

Let's go my people yeah

Dear Mr. President it's up to you to drop the bomb
They are in the way for peace, so let's destroy
Try to understand it's for our country
They are not us, so war, war, war
He say's go

Let's kill more people yeah

Oh Mr. President one for these day's I'll be just like you,
But me I'll have a day off & go fuckin crazy

& Play with my people yeah
& Play with more people yeah

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