Please Oh Please RIZE 歌詞


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Please Oh Please  ♪  RIZE
作詞 : JESSE
作曲 : RIZE

I'm feeling horny today I'm fiening for a play
You babe come closer & let me take you now I can't hold any longer
I say one & one were out of the room for the next room to find
We got all the time &...
Two & two she's taken her shoes in any bedroom
"All right" We got all the time

I just met a freak
I want to be a freak

She throws me on the bed
Pulling blue jeans off my legs
Teasing me down all the way & let me touch you now
I'm on my way & I say...
Three & three she's taken her shirt & skirt off so fly
You I wanted to find
Four & four she says I'm ready to play
I'm getting laid!!

I just met a freak
She's turning me to a freak
Please oh please
Peace no greed

Crying like a baby... I need somebody to love me
I・think・you・are・the I think I found my self a freak

Please oh please
Peace no greed
I'm a fucking freak
You still in my dreams

I became a freak or was I a freak

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