Too Many Shapes(「△□○コビッチ」英語バージョン) パックンマックン 歌詞


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Too Many Shapes(「△□○コビッチ」英語バージョン)  ♪  パックンマックン
作詞 : 平野肇・パトリック・ハーラン
作曲 : 前田保

Sammy Seagull seeks out circles
Circles here circles there
Sharks circle all around. Sammy doesn't care

Bicycle tires, baseballs, a flying free bean (MAMEMAKI?)
The sun, the moon, a round roly poly

Too many circles for Sammy
Dizzy Sammy circles to the sea

Tommy Tiger loves triangles
Likes three sides on everything
Sandwiches, shortcake, triangle rings

Three cornered rice balls so easy to hold
Origami made with only one fold (ORIGAMI WA NIHONGO DARO?)

Too many triangles! Oh, no!!
Tired Tommy catches a cold (Achoo! Bless you. Thank you)

Rudy Rooster hates squares
Hates all things with angles right
Books and buildings in the day, beds and windows at night

Then one day squares came at Rudy in a bunch
Cube steak, tofu, toast in a box lunch (DAKARA TOFU MO NIHONGO DARO?)

Too many squares! In a crunch
Helpless Rudy took a munch (PAKKU〜N)

That was the first square meal he'd had
But it didn't make Rudy mad
Rudy found out squares were not that bad

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△□○コビッチ♪アマガエルの マルコビッチ
②Too Many Shapes(「△□○コビッチ」英語バージョン)♪Sammy Seagull seeks out

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△□○コビッチ♪アマガエルの マルコビッチ
Too Many Shapes(「△□○コビッチ」英語バージョン)♪Sammy Seagull seeks out