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World Of Music (intro)  ♪  ZEEBRA
作詞 : Zeebra・Inovader
作曲 : Zeebra・Inovader

Sit back relax here's the real rap I'm a hit u wit the intro all laid back
Go way back to them early days Hot like the ERS & Marley days
Hip Hop Hooray like the Naughty days We gotta fit it in Beyonce & Fergie days
Crime shit pays but the crime don't amaze me
Y'all just the fake bitch rockin' fake paisley
Real recognize real so I gets mine wit the best rhyme Murder like a Tec9
U better guess why I'm still hot I'm never satisfied No still not
It's my 5th but I feel like I'm freshman
Damn, It feels good y'all I'm so blessed, man
I got a dream,baby I ain't gonna lose it This is why I choose it
World Of Music

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