Goddess Of The Moon - シライシ紗トリの歌詞


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Goddess Of The Moon  ♪  シライシ紗トリ
作詞 : シライシ紗トリ
作曲 : シライシ紗トリ

You are my darling
You are my twinkling star
You are a carefree ship
You always shine on me

Ela no ke aloha
Aia me oe ku u lia
Nou e ke aloha
ia la e pa ana, a lilinoe

Come to my side
I'll hold your hand
only you and I are in this world
At any time Indefinitely
I want to spend all time together
and forever more we will be in love

Here things never change
It's a story of love
So, I love you Baby
My Goddess of the moon

遠くはない 夢を見よう
海があって 空があって
君がいれば 僕はそれでいい

So, I love you Baby
My Goddess of the moon

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