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Panacea  ♪  UA
作詞 : k.a.e.u.
作曲 : 内橋和久

Deep breath, squinting rooster
appears from a manhole at the crack of dawn
Vermillion-eyed coelacanth head for land
leisurely, awake or asleep

It would be easy to find the map
I've scribbled on an envelope
by the time you hear the milkman I've erased the code
Nothing to worry, I know just where I stand
now the rest is clear
Even the acrobats would envy me so light

Hatching triceratops' egg
humming, at the crack of dawn
Fluorescent submarine flies in
muffled and hushed, awake or asleep

As long as there are shoes to fit my feet
we'll find that well in the desert sand
The compass is you, I'm a fistful of salt
voices of dead light the way
thaw the heart

Moondrops shed light on the morning
measure in ripples our boat that we row
I'm so delighted I shiver with fright
distant dawn
solitude a panacea

Piercing my finger with a gold needle
I'll let the trickling droplets nourishh you
Soundlessly rustling in motion
threads of the spider are
the color of blood

アルバム「Golden green」収録曲
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