dreams be Rie fu 歌詞


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Rie fu
dreams be  ♪  Rie fu
作詞 : Rie fu
作曲 : Rie fu

If I still love the way it goes
And if you still believe in me as before

I feel alive in middle tone
If you still believe that you will stay here in my heart
But I want it to stay
I will stay free
(It's just a simple chord like this)

I feel as though you've flown away
Inside it's reality that nothing's here to stay
But I want it to stay
I keep pulling your sleeve
There is always somewhere solid for me
(No, but I can't stay here anymore)
The day is gone and gone

Too many times for I had longed for you
Can't see the point of dreaming, so I'll just let it go

Once in a lifetime you will see, the day will come to me
Today I still watch the stars
Together our future lies...
(And again)

I feel as though it's over me
But I still believe that I will stay there in your heart
Oh I can't let it stay, it's over me
No, I can't stay here anymore
The day is gone and gone
Can't stay here anymore
Oh it's just a simple chord like this
So just let it go

アルバム「Tobira Album」収録曲
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