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Mr.Postman  ♪  Monkey Majik + 吉田兄弟
作詞 : Maynard・Blaise
作曲 : Maynard・Blaise

Mr.Postman's got a hectic day
Morning chores and then he's on his way
Makes no difference rain or shine he'll be there
You never see him but he's everywhere

Mr.Postman he's a friendly guy
He'll deliver mail until he dies
Just ask anyone I'm sure they'll say
"That Mr.Postman, He's A okay"

No matter where you go
You can count on him

On special holidays he works overtime
Gotta save for college everydime
Never need for him to go out on a limb
Can't take a chance 'cause his time's running thin

Mr.Postman's got two kids of his own
He wakes up early but early he comes home
Has time for family and all of his friends
He's never late that Mr.Postman he's A-okay

No matter where you go
You can count on him

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