1001Nights BENNIE K 歌詞


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1001Nights  ♪  BENNIE K
作曲 : BENNIE K・Mine-Chang

You're all right
Ha ha it's our time

Dance girl let me see your move
I got your life let it be all proved
Bounce it more let me see your groove
We got all night let it be all bloom

もうどれだけの月日 歩いて来ただろう "Going to CHINA"
地図に無い場所を見つけ 辿り着いたんだ "Going to INDIA"
そこに強く根付いた 全ては温かくて "Going to TURKEY"
有りのままの姿を 守り続けていた "Going to ARABIA"

絶え間無く歩いた 旅の途中に 出会った another sunrise

wo wei ni siliang
今まで気付かずに 自ら遠ざけてたんだ
xu duo ci 壁を越え
少しの温もりも 分け合えれば良かった

One thousand and one nights
I've prayed for another life
And a thousand and one tries
I've waited for the night
One thousand and one cries
but it'll all end tonight

Watch me...
Veil Dress & A Bottle of wine I guess
I'm gonna make you realize

You're L to the O V E with me
Left and right side to side
Don't you wanna be with me every night?
Oh my king you got me waiting...
Oh oh she goes oh oh she goes
1 2 リズムに乗って
Slip and slide camel step
(You got move with your sexy hips
unveil yourself let me see those lips)
Aha 心は傍にいても 目をそらして?
で、更にひろがる distance
(Girl you got me tipsy spinning
turning but I don't wanna stop)
そう甘い言葉は ワインのせい?
Then you forget it all over again?
And we do this every night again and again...

止めど無く流れる 空の向こうに 描いた another sunrise

wo wei ni siliang
険しい道のりは 試されてるはずだから
xu duo ci 夜を越え
答えもその理由も きっと現れるから

One thousand and one nights
I've prayed for another life
One thousand and one cries
but it'll all end tonight

wo wei ni siliang
願いを積み重ね 織り成した絹の様に
xu duo ci 時を越え
小さな温もりを どこまでも繋いでいこう

To accept with respect
To forgive but forget
Love Life Dreams Desire
Hopes Destiny Fantasy
Your truth is your reality

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