Diggin' on you 安良城紅 歌詞


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Diggin' on you  ♪  安良城紅
作詞 : Kenneth Edmonds
作曲 : Kenneth Edmonds

I was like peace in a groove
Oh a sunday afternoon
You were there so was i
In the park 4th of july
I was chillin' with my kool-aid
When miss chilli came to relay
That you had a thang for me
Finest thang you'd ever seen
I must admit to you
I've heard those lines a time or two
Although for some apparent reason
Monkey lines are now in season
Lights off lights on
I guess the groove is on so I am

Diggin' the scene
Diggin' on you
Diggin' on me
Baby baby ooo baby baby
It's on like that
It's on like that
I gotta be in love or somethin' like that

I was like deep in a cool
wasn't gon' be nobody's fool
Could not care less who was there
Could've been like anywhere
I was chillin' with my kool-aid
Did not want to par-ti-ci-pate
In no silly conversations
Had no time for new relationships
I must admit to you
When I heard the lines you threw
Although it usually turns me off
But this time you have turned me on
Lights off lights on
I guess the groove is on and I am

Oh why do I feel the way I do
When all I can think about is you
What was it in a line
That made me fall for you
Do you know
Why I'm diggin' diggin' diggin' diggin' on you

Diggin' on you
It's on like that
Diggin' diggin' diggin' diggin' on you

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